A timeless role in a modern setting: Q & A with Lea Thompson


Lea Thompson brings Marmee to life

A prominent actress, director and producer, Lea Thompson (Back to the Future) plays Marmee in LITTLE WOMEN, a modern retelling, bringing the beloved mother to a new generation in theaters September 28.

What drew you to the character of Marmee?
I read the script, and I met Clare (Niederpruem), the writer and director, and I just wanted to be a part of this. I have so many friends that are big fans of Little Women.

What makes this story so timeless?
The story of Little Women is so timeless to me because I really believe in family and trying to work things through as a family in a respectful way. I think this story is kind of a blueprint for that.

What does Marmee mean to her family?
In the book, Marmee is the centerpiece. Like in most families, moms are super important, and she’s the kind of rock that holds her family together. I know I am the rock that holds my family together! That’s what you hope your mom would be.

What do you think Louisa May Alcott would say about this movie?
I would hope that Louisa May Alcott would be so happy that, 150 years later, a wonderful woman like Clare would tell her it to a whole new generation. Every artist dreams their work will enjoy that kind of longevity, and I hope we inspire people to go back and read the original novel.

Why should mothers and daughters see this film together?
I hope mothers and daughters will come to see this film together because it will help them start discussions about things that they might not be comfortable talking to each other about.

LITTLE WOMEN, a modern retelling, is in theaters September 28. Visit LittleWomenTheMovie.com for videos, ticket information and more.